The DLP proposes to adopt revised priorities for the the fiscal year beginning October, 2017 (FY18). We invite comments on the proposed priorities. Comments may be submitted to Susan Henry through any of the following methods:

* send email to Susan Henry by clicking HERE;
* By mail to Susan Henry, Disabilities Law Program, 100 West 10th Street, Suite 801, Wilmington, DE 19801;
* By phone to Susan Henry at 302-575-0660 or by facsimile to Susan Henry, Disabilities Law Program at 302-575-0840.

Although the DLP invites comments on priorities at any time, we are requesting that all official comments on the FY 18 priorities be submitted by October 6, 2017 to ensure timely consideration.

The priorities can be found in their respective programs in the Disabilities Law Programs and Program Priorities tab on the Disabilities Law Program page.