Wilmington Office

Jackie Ambrosi, Paralegal
Daniel G. Atkins, Esq., Executive Director
Marissa L. Band, Esq., Project Director, Disabilities Law Program
Olga K. Beskrone, Esq., Staff Attorney
Cristina Bonilla, Paralegal
Elizabeth Booth, Esq., Supervising Attorney, Disabilities Law Program
Anya Chen, Law Clerk
Kaitlyn Cirrito, Paralegal
Charles Clark, Law Clerk
Jane Curschmann, Paralegal Specialist
Amy Desmond, Accountant
Courteney S. Dixon, Investigator/Monitor and Patient Advocate
Alicia Dugger, Esq., Staff Attorney
Victoria Glock-Molloy, Esq., Staff Attorney
Katie Gowing, Law Clerk
Laura Graham, Esq., Deputy Director
James Hamilton, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
Susan Henry, Administrator, Disabilities Law Program 
Linda Jackson, Fair Housing Testing Coordinator
Samantha Kowalczyk, Grants Administrator
Margaretta Kroeger, Communications and Marketing Director
Megan Mahle, Esq., Supervising Attorney, Medical-Legal Partnership
Joyce McCormick, Paralegal
Michelle McLean, Senior Paralegal
Molly McPheeters, Campaign Coordinator, Combined Campaign for Justice
Flavia Mino, Paralegal
William Molchen, Esq., Staff Attorney
Richard Morse, Esq., Senior Counsel
J. Zachary Noble, Esq., Staff Attorney
Cinthya Perez, Receptionist/Secretary/Interpreter/Errand Person
Jennifer R. Pérez, Esq., Staff Attorney*
Gilberte Pierre, Esq., Staff Attorney
Nilda Reed, Receptionist/Secretary/Interpreter/Errand Person
Jacky Saez-Rosario, Paralegal
Abby Samuels, Esq., Staff Attorney
Tony Sierzega, Esq., Staff Attorney
Jason D. Stoehr, Director of Development
Cynthia L. Stopyra, Office Manager/Secretary
Caroline E. Szerenyi, Esq., Staff Attorney
Chris Tijerino, Paralegal
Edna Tucker, Paralegal
Kathryn van Amerongen, Esq., Staff Attorney
Laura J. Waterland, Esq., Special Projects Coordinator, Disabilities Law Program
John Whitelaw, Esq., Advocacy Director
Ross Wiech, Law Clerk
Mallary Willatt, Esq., Managing Attorney, Medical-Legal Partnership, Immigration, and Domestic Violence
Christiane L. Winslow, Senior Paralegal
Dover Office
Cole Adams, Law Clerk
Yvette Aponte, Office Manager/Secretary/Interpreter
Matthew Cain, Paralegal
Jennifer Fuentes, Paralegal
Elisabeth A. Furber, Senior Paralegal
Emily Houde, Esq., Supervising Attorney, Immigration
Jayce Lesniewski, Esq., Managing Attorney, Kent County
Maura T. Linden, Law Clerk
Lisandra Lopez, Receptionist/Secretary/Interpreter
Rose McFassel, Paralegal
Sandra Mullett, Paralegal
Anthony Panicola, Esq., Supervising Attorney, Elder Law Program
Sarah Spangler Rhine, Esq., Managing Attorney, Housing
Kate Workman, Esq., Staff Attorney
Georgetown Office
Ramonita Baez, Paralegal
Tara Blakely, Esq., Managing Attorney, Sussex County
Gaby García, Receptionist/Secretary/Interpreter
Antionette Johnson, Senior Paralegal
Joann Kingsley, Paralegal
Dana Pruden, Office Manager/Secretary
Stefanie Ramirez, Esq., Staff Attorney
Edgar Verde, Paralegal
Robert Wingo, Paralegal
*Not admitted to practice in Delaware. Admitted in New Jersey only.