Wilmington Office

Daniel G. Atkins, Esq., Executive Director
Marissa L. Band, Esq., Supervising Attorney, Immigration/MLP
Jacquelyn S. Bellinger, Paralegal
Olga K. Beskrone, Esq., Supervising Attorney, ELP
Elizabeth Booth, Esq., Staff Attorney
Veronica F. Congo, Secretary
Jane Curschmann, Paralegal
Brian Eng, Esq., Supervising Attorney, DLP
Laura Graham, Esq., Managing Attorney, New Castle County, Immigration/MLP
Kelly Head, Law Clerk
Susan Henry, Disabilities Law Program Administrative Assistant
Neilson C. Himelein, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney
Linda Jackson, Fair Housing Testing Coordinator
Meghann O’Reilly Karasic, Law Clerk (admitted to practice in Pennsylvania only)
Katelyn Lentz, Esq., Staff Attorney
Megan Mahle, Esq., Staff Attorney
Michelle McLean, Paralegal
William Molchen, Esq., Staff Attorney
Iris B. Morales, Receptionist
Richard Morse, Senior Counsel
Gilberte Pierre, Law Clerk (admitted to practice in New York only)
Dmitry Pilipis, Staff Attorney
Connie Placeres, Clerk Typist/Receptionist/Errand Person
Alice Ross, Accountant
Jacky Saez-Rosario – Paralegal
Jason D. Stoehr, Director of Development
Cynthia L. Stopyra, Office Manager/Secretary
Thomas B. Strayer, Chief Administrative and Financial Officer
Edna Tucker, Paralegal
Sabdi Vazquez, Paralegal
Laura J. Waterland, Esq., Disabilities Law Project Director
Christiane L. Winslow, Paralegal
Dover Office
Yvette Aponte, Receptionist/Secretary/Interpreter
Paige Chapman, Law Clerk, (permission for limited practice pursuant to Delaware Supreme Court Rule 55)
Donna S. Darling, Office Manager/Secretary
Elisabeth A. Furber, Senior Paralegal
Nathan Kingree, Paralegal
Amanda Reinhart, Paralegal
Kate Sell, Law Clerk
Georgetown Office
Ramonita Baez, Paralegal
Linda S. Cloud, Office Manager/Secretary
Cincy Garcia, Paralegal
Jeffrey Hysan, Paralegal
Antionette Johnson, Senior Paralegal
Jayce Lesniewski, Esq. Managing Attorney Kent and Sussex County
Cara Wilson, Attorney
Dayana Yuncosa, Receptionist/Secretary