It is NEVER legal to evict someone WITHOUT a court order. Delaware Courts are closed until at least May 15, 2020. In general, NO evictions will happen until after the courts open again.

The Governor of Delaware has ordered that no evictions can happen during the COVID-19 emergency. It is possible, though, there may be exceptions in rare situations. The ban on evictions applies to all types of rental housing, including people living in manufactured homes. The Governor’s order will be in effect until at least May 15, 2020, and probably longer than that.

No late fees, interest, or other penalties may be charged to you by the landlord during the COVID-19 emergency or after the emergency is over if the charges occurred during the emergency.

ALL eviction cases filed before the state of emergency started are now ON HOLD until at least 31 days after the state of emergency declared by the Governor ends.

IF your landlord changes your locks, bars the door, cuts off your utilities, removes your belongings, or tries in any way to force you out of your home, do the following:

1. Call 911. If the landlord is still trying to force you out when the police come, the police can assist you. If the landlord has left, make a police report.

2. Call Community Legal Aid Society. You will be referred immediately to a lawyer or paralegal experienced in these situations.

New Castle County: 302-575-0660; TTY 302-575-0696

Kent County: 302-674-8500; TTY 302-674-9430

Sussex County: 302-856-0038; TTY 302-856-7491