In the wake of Tuesday’s news that a chartered plane of migrants might be coming from Texas to Georgetown, CLASI stands ready and willing—as always—to provide whatever legal education and representation we can to support migrants arriving in Delaware.

“All migrants deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as they navigate our legal system,” says CLASI Deputy Director Laura Graham. “They are human beings, parents and children who are our new neighbors, fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries. They are lawfully seeking asylum or other immigration relief here and need support.”

We would like to thank the Governor’s office, multiple state agencies, and our fellow community organizations across the state who quickly came together yesterday to prepare to welcome and assist any migrants who might be arriving from Texas or Florida. We are proud to partner with these allies in Delaware’s response efforts.

CLASI’s immigration unit provides free legal assistance to immigrant victims of crime, trafficking, or domestic violence, as well as certain immigrant children. Learn more by clicking here.

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