FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Laura J. Waterland, Esq., 302-575-0660, ext. 231 or Cindy Garcia, Paralegal/Voting Right’s Advocate, 302-856-2027

The Disabilities Law Program (DLP) of Community Legal Aid Society, Inc. (CLASI) reminds Delawareans that today, Tuesday, September 28th, 2021 has been designated National Voter Registration Day. “This is a great day to take a voting check-up” said Laura Waterland, Esq. and Project Director with the Disabilities Law Program. “This is a good opportunity to update your information, such as changes of address, as well as register if you have not done so before the upcoming deadline.”

Individuals can register in a number of ways: on- line, at a mobile registration event, by mail or at certain government offices. Staff at some social service agencies can process registrations if they have been trained by the Delaware Department of Elections. Some CLASI staff have been trained to process in-person voter registrations and can process applications.

Voters are encouraged to use the web-based application to register to vote or update their voter registration information at . Alternatively, there are registration forms available for download or by mail.  Delaware has special processes available for military and overseas citizens. Government offices with registration capabilities include the DMV, State Service Centers, and the Department of Labor, if the voter is a client of that agency.

Additionally, if a voter is registered but has moved, this is a good opportunity to report that change and obtain accurate information about polling place locations. Completed registrations can be updated at any time, including at the polling place. For efficiency’s sake, it is preferable to update your registration prior to Election Day. Poll workers will make every effort to identify the correct polling place for voters who may have gone to the wrong polling place. However, voters should be aware of their right to cast a provisional ballot in federal elections should the polling place refuse to allow them to vote.

There are obvious challenges related to in-person voter registration drives this year

due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As with all things COVID-19, best practices for masking continue to adapt to new data and changing conditions on the ground. As of publication, CDC guidelines recommend that each person, regardless of vaccination status, wear a mask or other face covering indoors located in communities that are experiencing coronavirus outbreaks. If you’re in one of these communities, be reminded to refrain from touching your faces or masks. Attempt to maintain six feet of distance between volunteers at a registration table and between volunteers and other registrants. Take advantage of online options: You may choose an online registration option to minimize contact between people. URLs or QR codes will be displayed in large-type, easy to read fonts at the locations hosting the events. Put one of your National Voter Registration Day stickers on your mask and you have a custom branded facemask!

The DLP is a special program of CLASI and is designated by the Governor as the Protection and Advocacy agency for persons with disabilities in Delaware. The program provides advocacy services to Delaware residents with physical or mental disabilities. The Protection and Advocacy for Voter Access project was established in 2003 and works to ensure full and effective participation in the electoral process for individuals with disabilities. For more information about the DLP, visit the CLASI website at  To find out more about National Voter Registration Day, see or!